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Tiger Scaffolds is the premier choice in all things scaffolding right here in Wellington. Here at Tiger Scaffolds we look to be your go to option for hassle free services. Unlike the other guys, when you are ready for the second phase of the scaffold to be extended higher, or a change of location, we will be on site in a matter of days. No more waiting around for a team, with Tiger Scaffolds you will experience the best customer service in the industry. Our team will work with you to ensure that the logistics and the set-up is taken care of before we deliver our product to your job. As well, we will work with you to ensure a lack of downtime, when you need more tiers added as you move up the building, our team will be on the way to correctly install these vital tools to your site. Driven by keeping our clients safe, and quality of builds, when you choose Tiger Scaffolds, you are choosing a guaranteed safe solution for all your scaffolding needs. When you are looking for the premier scaffolding solution right here in Wellington, Tiger Scaffolds is the proven leader you should be turning to.

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Quality & Safety

Tiger Scaffolds puts your safety first, and with that we stand behind our design and build quality as well. Our scaffolding has been tried and tested in the field, and we continually spot check our products to ensure consistent and safe scaffolding each and every time. When you are looking for reliable and safe scaffolding for your next project, trust the true experts of quality at Tiger Scaffolding.

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Professional Services

We here at Tiger Scaffolds go above and beyond for our clients, and that is something we deliver each and every day. Our professional service has allowed Tiger to quickly grow to the premier choice for scaffolding in the Wellington area, and we are proud of it. Our team will work with you to ensure a lack of downtime on site, and will be able to adapt our scaffolding as you need it in a matter of days. Call us today, and experience the difference that true professional service can make when you need scaffolding right here in Wellington with Tiger Scaffolds.

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Always on time

Tiger Scaffolds has continued to deliver our top notch scaffolding products to our clients, and we always make it on time. Our office handles the logistics, and we deliver to site without issues, or delays to you. We will work with you to ensure, delivery, and pickup goes smoothly, and will be there for any questions or concerns you or your foreman may have. When it comes to the time to add a level, or move your scaffolding, we will be able to be on site in a matter of days. No more waiting around for the scaffolding company to show up, with Tiger Scaffolds we will work with you to ensure a smooth experience from setup to addition, to tear-down. When it comes to delivering scaffolding on time, each and every time, Tiger Scaffolds will not leave you hanging.


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Construction and Maintenance Scaffolding
Residential Scaffolding location

Residential Scaffolding

From single bays, to partial access, through to full house wraps- We deliver on all residential scaffolding projects!

Industrial Scaffolding location

Industrial Scaffolding

Our team of top builders have extensive experience in the Mining and Gas industry, and able to fulfill your scaffolding requirements for both construction and maintenance. Further more, our advance scaffolders will also take care of your road and railway bridge projects.

Commercial Scaffolding location

Commercial Scaffolding

No building or structure is too small, we will be happy to deliver scaffolding access to commercial projects of all sizes. Get in touch today to discuss.


We will assist to complete your project on time and on budget with our scaffolding expertise.

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